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The book "Regimental commander - nose to ceiling"

Work on illustrations for the book "Regimental Commander - Nose to Ceiling" (author Irina Ivannikova) began in October 2021, submitted by the Publishing House "Strekoza". The book was released in the summer of 2022.

It was exciting to work on the main characters: the boy Danya - "a tireless braggart and dreamer who always strives to be in the spotlight, so he invents all sorts of things, and also rules over everyone!" (© Irina Ivannikova), his cousin Alya and a whole group of children from kindergarten. The images came out bright, cute and vibrant.

Sketches and characters.

Illustrations in layout.

Moscow International Book Fair 2022. Moscow.

Exhibition stand of the Publishing House"Strekoza"

Thank you for reading!

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