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About & Contacts.

My name is Natalia Nik (Nikulina). I'm an artist and illustrator recently based in Budapest.

I've always had a passion for art — drawing, painting, and illustrating.
After earning my Master's degree as an artist-stylist (faculty of Applied Arts in Moscow, 2000), I worked as a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator in an advertising company. 

In 2020 I got an MFA degree (Cum Lauder) in illustration (Children's Book Emphasis) at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Usually, I create digital illustrations, but I also like to work with a combination of watercolor, and colored pencils with a slight digital touch.

My art style can be described as playful, sweet whimsical, and represents an optimistic perspective on life.


As a big bonus in my career as an illustrator, I have extensive experience with layouts and can design a book project for you from an idea to final print-ready files.

Always open to art collaborations as an artist and illustrator.


Thanks for your attention. Feel free to make contact via email:
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Publications about me.


Interview in online bookstore "Labirint" about creating illustrations for the book "Regimental commander - nose to ceiling!" by Ivannikova Irina.
STREKOZA Publishing, Russia

Interview about my art mission in ArtBookMania #1 March/15.
ArtBookMania magazine is a magazine about creativity as a lifestyle
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