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The first day of Spring or Why would an artist draw seasonal illustrations?

Today, on the first day of spring, I posted another fresh picture on Instagram and I want to reflect on the topic - Why would an artist draw seasonal illustrations?

There are several logical reasons for me "why not!"


Let's start at the end.

Raising the topic of MONETAZING your creativity, the idea of ​​postcards and seasonal pictures immediately comes to mind. Even if you have not been commissioned to creat the picture for this purpose, there is an opportunity to sell them in the form of printed postcards or put them on Stock. Calculation of the profitability of printing and further sale, as well as laying out illustrations on stocks is, of course, a separate topic. But nevertheless, this is an opportunity!

BENEFIT - any new illustration is a complex training for the artist. Taking a familiar theme, we can work out the drawing, composition, color pallets, in a comfortable situation. Let's imagine that we are drawing for our friends and relatives. Also, by posting such pictures on social networks and congratulating our subscribers, we create an occasion to remind about ourselves, well, and just do something pleasant. The only nuance that I would like to mention is that you should not creat something too traditional and bored. Give your imagination to flight! Take a fresh look at the old theme (New Year, Halloween, March 8).


PLEASURE - sometimes you want to distract yourself from a large order or long work. Drawing Seasonal Pictures can also help. The topic is clear and familiar - take it and draw just for yourself.

Some of my favorite illustrations came about that way. There was a seasonal occasion and it was drawn for myself and just for the soul.

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